4 Effective Ways to Collect Video Reviews From Your Customers

4 Effective Ways to Collect Video Reviews From Your Customers

Video reviews are great when you want to build trust in your brand, establish social proof and provide future customers with authentic experiences. Plus, it can be a way to convert an audience.

Compared to merely written words, videos are instantly engaging, easy to concentrate on and provide instant connection to someone watching that will likely take action. You can see things like facial expressions, tone of voice, and the details a customer chooses to include in a video that can have a massive help in boosting sales.

But how do you get a customer to leave a video review? They seem like a lot of effort, right?

You bet it is! But it’s worth it!

They take a bit longer to create than quickly typed sentences, but they’re relatively easy to make. With enormous popularity on social media and video platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram Reels, turning on the camera is becoming like second nature for most people. Undoubtedly, it’s becoming one of the best ways to promote products or services.

What Are the Effect of Video Reviews on Future Customers Making a Decision

First impressions stick, and don’t even try to deny it!

If you’ve watched a lousy product or service review, you’ll find the easiest way out of their website or social channels. And you will never, ever search for them again!

Video reviews are little snippets of your products or services in the real world, and guess what? It drives sales. It says that “92% of consumers look up user video reviews and testimonials,” and it’s not surprising that it boosted business sales. Why? Because chances are once the audience encounters good reviews, they want to become part of having to experience the excellent review themselves. It’s human nature. And that inevitably will boost sales.

Besides the evident boost in sales, another good effect of video review is that it helps emotional engagement with your customers. Presently, customers are aware of brands having the human element. Therefore, they prefer to encounter and experience the brand’s soul and how it will hook up with them.

Deep down, we know that emotions influence one’s behavior. Therefore your brand must show that you care. And video reviews can help with that. When someone gives authentic video testimonials without any exchange in return, it will resonate with your audience. As a result, your brand will shine, and they’ll remember it as a brand that cares.

Four Ways How to Collect More Video Reviews From Your Customers

Collecting testimonials is tricky because some prefer to stay private while supporting your products or services. But video reviews are one way to help businesses grow by leveraging customers’ feedback.

Here are ways to start collecting more video reviews from your customers and hoping it can be less challenging!

1. Ask for video reviews straight from your customers

It is the most practical and straightforward way of asking your customer to leave a video review for your business. While this may feel like you’re asking for a huge favor, you forget that they may appreciate this because you value their opinion. Imagine you are inviting them to send an unfiltered, authentic response to their experience with your brand. It clearly shows that you respect and treasure them. You might find providing software for your clients will simplify submissions and increase their likelihood of sending you a great video. We’ve used VideoAsk before and had success!

2. Show examples of other video reviews

People like to copy people. They are more inclined to share when they see that others have done it before them. Not only does it help them to feel more confident, but the other video reviews can serve as a guide on what they could include in their video. Remember, we are more likely to trust a review if we can see it came from a natural person.

You can also use numerous software to collect customer reviews online, so you’ll have an easier way to go about it. One of them is Testimonial.io, and they best suit startups, Fortune 500 companies, real estate agencies, and even marketing agencies. Endorsal is another software that makes it easy for customers to add avatars from social accounts in a couple of clicks. They can also upload their photo in seconds with our fast uploader.

In addition, businesses can collect video testimonials by capturing videos and publishing them on social media platforms.

3. Consider interviewing your customers

Sometimes, customers will shy away from leaving a video review because they’re uncomfortable being alone in front of the camera and don’t know where to start. So instead, consider offering to interview them so they can follow you. The interview format also strengthens your brand’s trust with that customer because you’re having a conversation. You could do this via Zoom or any other video conferencing software that allows recording.

4. Provide video review guidelines

Help your clients send video reviews by sending a list of questions or guidelines so they don’t worry about what to say. It could be a list of questions they could consider answering, or if you have a product, you could suggest they show the product in use or do a “before and after” style of video. From product reviews and testimonials to unboxings and recommendations, videos are a compelling way for brands to bring their products to life for new shoppers. Take note: Always consider making your customer’s life easier.

Final Point

Collecting video reviews from your customers can be a challenge. There’s a tendency that they won’t follow through, find it too difficult or simply forget.

But you have not, because you ask not! The benefits simply outweigh the risks of asking, so don’t be afraid to get rejected. Remember what video reviews can do to your business: genuine reviews from real users who can promote trust in your brand and products.

If you’re still having second thoughts on how to go about it, we can show you how it can be done for your organization!

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