Copywriting Services

We offer copywriting services to rescue you from writer’s block. Whether you don’t know how to position your services, or want expert copywriting on your website, we have you covered. 

SEO Process and Pathways

Our onboarding process includes a full SEO, maintenance and security audit to ensure a clean bill of health for your website before any of the real work begins.

Content Pathway

Content Pathway

Keyword research Keyword placement Up to 2,500 words of high-quality, optimized copy each month

Link Building

Link Building

5 to 10 high-quality links each month No low-value or black-hat links Genuine link building outreach All links of equal or higher domain authority than the client website

On Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Technical Improvements Copy optimization Conversion rate optimization (CRO) Meta & schema data

How does it work?

It’s no surprise that when you try to productize something as complex as SEO, there are always going to be some queries… This page outlines how each pathway works, what you can expect, and what sort of commitment we need from you to ensure success.

There is no long-term contract for any SEO Pathway on a website, all we ask is that you try to commit to a single pathway for at least 3 months so that we can start to demonstrate some solid results for you before moving on to a different technique.

Each Pathway Explained

Content Pathway

The content pathway is the pathway where we have the most communication with you as the client – this is due to the planning and delivery phases of our content pathway.

The pathway works on the following monthly cycle:

  • Week 1: Planner Created and Delivered
  • Weeks 2-3: Content confirmed, researched and written
  • Week 4: Content Proofed and Delivered

Our "Planner" document is a Google Doc that provides somewhere between 8 and 10 possible content ideas for you, based on your keyword research and the authority score of the website.

Each month we will generate around 2,500 words on this pathway (+/- 10%). We therefore ask you to choose either 1 long (around 2,500 words), two medium (around 1,250 words each) or 4 short (around 650 words each) ideas from the content planner and submit them back to us via our project management system. You can also flag if you like the other ideas (so they'll roll on to next month) or if you don't like them and they will be removed.

Once we have received these back from you, our copywriting team will get to work actually writing the content. These will be delivered as they are produced (so you may well receive your first article well ahead of week 4). Once the copywriting team are done with them, our Content pathway QA team will also proofread them for consistency and will supply them back to you as a Google Doc with the Meta Information and appropriate (royalty-free stock) imagery.

If you have any tweaks or changes, please just let us know.

Once each piece is approved, we'll even upload it as a draft directly to your client's website – all you have to do is schedule and publish it!

On-Page Pathway

Our On-Page Pathway takes care of all the technical and on-page optimizations beyond the basic SEO setup. 

Through the initial audit, we will have generated you a technical audit (SEO Healthcheck) Report. If you subscribe to the on-page pathway, our team will start to actively address these technical issues in priority order, unless we receive any other specific priority requests or instructions from you.

The Pathway includes 5 hours of optimization time per month within the pathway fee. Generally, most sites spend the first 1-2 months focusing on technical seo fixes and improvements before moving on to more in-depth copy optimization or other site-specific needs.

Each month, we will create a "hit list" of the tasks that will be addressed for you and you will be able to monitor their status through your dashboard. If we need any other information from you then we'll reach out directly.

As well as completing all the technical aspects, this pathway can also be used to optimize copy that already exists on the website. Maybe you write the copy yourself, or you use our copywriting services, then we can go and make sure that the keyword placement is right, that any internal linking is done properly and that your overall website hierarchy is in line with your keyword research and competitors.

Essentially, if you want it to, this pathway acts as a SEO Manager so we know what fixes should be done each month.

NB: Please note that if you do send us any direct requests, this will knock some items of the monthly hit list and these will bounce to next month. 

Our Link Building Pathway is the pathway we have the least amount of contact with you. This is because when we build links, we will go and source, prospect, and confirm the link on your behalf. You will receive a report each month itemizing what has been done for you.

Of all the pathways, link building is the one that takes the longest to build momentum. Due to this, it is possible that in the first months we may struggle to hit the 5-10 backlinks per month target set as part of the pathway. By the end of month three, however, we do know that enough momentum will have been built to meet (and eventually surpass) the monthly target.

Link building is a law of averages, and over time those averages work in our favor – this is the main reason we ask for the "agreement" of a three-month minimum to any pathway.

The first thing well do on this pathway is a full backlink toxicity report of your existing links. If we need to do a disavow exercise off the back of that, then we can sort that for you.

Once we know your existing profile is clear, the techniques used for link building are:

  • Client niche-based outreach
  • Broken Link Research
  • Guest Posting

The first two techniques basically run on their own. The last one may require some information from you, so we will be in touch if we need to.

In some cases, link trades or reciprocal guest posts are offered by our prospects. We'll always mention these to you, but please bear in mind that a rejection of these requests could affect our link building efforts for you.

Straightforward Pricing

Based on the desired number of pathways, our pricing is simple.
All sites begin with a $500 onboarding fee for the first 14-days, and then are billed based upon the number of pathways it is registered for. Onboarding fee and first month due at signing to get started. 

Single Pathway

$500 / month
  • Full SEO Audit
  • Your choice of pathway
  • Free to switch pathways quarterly

Two Pathways

$900 / month
  • Full SEO Audit
  • Your Choice of any 2 pathways
  • Free to switch pathways quarterly

Three Pathways

$1200 / month
  • Full SEO Audit
  • Access all 3 pathways
  • No need to change pathways!
  • Highest Level of SEO services available enabling you to win at organic reach!

Want to start with an Audit?

Not quite ready to jump in? Start with a complete SEO audit that breaks down the following:

  • Website Health Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Speed Speed & Core Web Vitals Report
  • Current Keyword Rankings
  • Backlink Toxicity Report

The SEO audit is a $300 investment, and is applied towards the onboarding fee if you sign up for a pathway within 45 days. A new onboarding will have to be done if beyond 45 days since SEO changes can happen often and data may be out of date. 

Reach out to get started!