5 Reasons Why Great Copywriting Is Important To Your Business

5 Reasons Why Great Copywriting Is Important To Your Business

Underlying all effective marketing messages in business marketing materials to rank higher on google or web pages – is excellent copywriting. Think of your copy–for an ad, brochure, or digital marketing–as your secret salesperson. Like a salesperson, its job is to convince the reader to purchase.

Great copywriting finds the best possible angle to showcase your business.

But let us tell you something about good copy versus excellent copy. Good copy makes sure a website has quality content. In contrast, excellent copy takes your business message to your audience and expresses it. It stays in a reader’s mind and prompts them to take action, like purchasing on your website.

Readers trust and buy from you only when they bond with you. Great copywriting helps you build that bond you need. Remember, everyone can write a decent copy, but not everyone can develop greatness.

First things first: what exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing for the marketing and advertising of products or services. It is used to encourage people to make purchases of that product or to avail of those services for which copywriting is done.

Marketing without it is like laying the floor plan for a house and forgetting to add the stairs. Copywriting is a valuable part of your marketing efforts, and neglecting it can lead to a disconnect or failure to reach your audience, just as a house meant to have stairs loses the connection between floors.

Now that you know what copywriting means, let’s see why you need it for your business and how it’ll benefit you in practice.

Why is excellent copywriting necessary for your business’ marketing?

Great copywriting utilizes elegant copywriting to paint a picture of its brand and its range. It doesn’t just present your brand in a favorable light; it allows your reader to experience what your brand feels like and what it truly stands for.

Bad copywriting damages your company’s image, making it look non-credible and unprofessional.

Take Note: These things matter when presenting your business as trustworthy. A company that puts out an ad or landing page with a typo or poorly written sentence risks looking unprofessional and losing credibility. A copywriter’s eye on things ensures your best foot will always be put forward.

What exactly is a copywriter?

Have you considered hiring a professional copywriter?

If you’ve never worked with a professional copywriter, the role does just that: someone with the copywriting skills to deliver a copywriting project on a full-time or freelance basis. A professional copywriter may be one of the best decisions you’ll have. He/She is a creative worker and specializes in putting the right words together in the right way to be featured in the right places, so the right people see them. Their work is often the first impression your business makes on your audience and can be what draws people in.

In many ways, it’s like hiring one salesman to reach all of your customers. A sales team contacts customers one at a time; a copywriter reaches all of them at once through billboards, brochures, catalogs, jingle lyrics, magazine and newspaper advertisements, sales letters and other direct mail, scripts for television or radio commercials, taglines, white papers, social media posts, and other marketing communications.

Another key benefit of working with a copywriter? They can do all the keyword research and optimization related to SEO or search engine optimization.

A copywriter with SEO knowledge can help improve your website’s ranking (web copy) position on search engines like Google and Bing. An SEO copywriter understands keywords, web crawlers, link building, and more. They can write or refresh your website copy to help it perform better when evaluated by search engines. The more SEO-friendly your copy, the higher your website will rank in search engine results, and the more people will see it.

It’s good to know that someone can help your business capture customers’ attention. Be aware that the customer’s attention span is not as long as you think, so your brand’s message must transcend immediately. These are the reasons why a good copywriter is essential for your business.

5 Benefits of Great Copywriting & Why Your Business Needs It

1. Copywriting Improves SEO & Increases Organic Traffic

While copywriting’s purpose is to help convert your visitors into leads and sales, excellent copy optimizes your website to rank on Google, as explained in the section above.
Thus, that’s one of the most rewarding benefits of copywriting: it’ll allow you to generate more sales and achieve an ROI (return on investment), while welcoming your target audience into your brand story.

For example, to rank and improve SEO, crafting copy for blog posts with correct punctuations (like comma placement, etc.), proper spelling, and the use of the right words that will make or break the ranking must be followed.

2. Copywriting Builds Relationships With Your Audience & Fosters Community

Authenticity appeals to your customers. If it’s well-written but not engaging, then it’s ineffective. Great copy entices people to read on, stay on your website and learn about your business. The closer you spend on your website, the closer you come to make a purchasing decision.

3. Copywriting Speaks To Your Customer Needs

Whether you have a big or small business, your website visitors need to understand your business’s products or services. Why? Because you’re trying to convey what you do in a language that is understandable to your potential customers. The copywriter will use words that the customer quickly understands, so it’s much easier for them to decide if they will take action. Will they buy it or not?

4. Copywriting Strengthens Your Power Of Persuasion

One benefit of good copywriting is that it allows you to grab their attention long enough to tell a powerful story that will enable people to eliminate their concerns and preconceived ideas and listen to what you have to say. It must frame the message in a compelling benefit-driven manner that targets the critical pain points that ideal prospects face in their daily challenges – discovering their target audience & customers.

5. Copywriting Entertains the Readers

Copywriting will help convey a sense of excitement, especially when written content jumps out to your readers and instantly humanizes your brand. Instead of having just another boring corporate business, your new website can be full of energy. When a reader can relate to you and feel closer to your business through your copy, it can be an influential trust factor for them.

Final Point

Excellent copywriting is the bridge that will build brand awareness and long-standing connections between your business and your customers. It must be consistent across all your platforms, whether it’s social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), a newsletter that goes straight to the inbox, or other forms of digital marketing. Customer loyalty all begins with the message you convey with your words.

So as a business owner, you’re time-poor and spread thin. Focus on what matters while we care for all well-written copywriting and content marketing needs!

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