How to Make a Better Contact Us Page That Drives Leads
October 24, 2022

How to Make a Better Contact Us Page That Drives Leads

When you meet a potential customer, how will you know that you will hear from her again?

Naturally, your instinct will tell you to give your contact details. Without those details, they can’t contact you at all.

Imagine you intrigue your visitors with a minimalistic, aesthetic, well-crafted homepage or landing page. But you fail on the contact page, making you lose potential conversions.

You don’t want to end up sighing in frustration. Looking at your site, ask yourself, “Did I pay the same attention to every detail of my website?”. If you realize that your ‘Contact Page’ lacks some impact, it’s time to sprinkle it with your creative juices!

Discover the importance and elements of building a great contact page!

Importance of a contact page

A contact page is not an extra page on your website. It’s one of the most valuable parts of your site. So, dedication and creativity should be in the craft.

Despite this fact, many people don’t put in the effort. As a result, phone numbers or social channel links may be missing, or the page may be challenging to navigate. This frustrates visitors and drives them away!

An ideal contact page must be inviting. It should be visitor-centered to satisfy the ‘User Experience.’ With this, we mean that you’re not only crafting it for your preference. But you’re also putting yourself in your visitor’s shoes. “How can I make my ‘Contact Page’ trustworthy?” “Is the information complete for my visitors to proceed?” It would help if you considered these questions.

Remember, your Contact Page holds the power to convert your visitors. You don’t want to lose your visitor in the final step! You must establish trust so that they embark and begin their customer journey.

Elements to Include in a Contact Page

There’s another thing that’s more frustrating than a visually unappealing design. If you’re wondering what it is, it’s incomplete information!

When visitors decide to use a service and offer their personal information, they want to do it instantly. So aside from flaunting your design prowess, ensure the essential details are there. You lose momentum the moment you fail to meet one.

While we’re on the topic, what are these elements? Let’s find out!

  • Phone number

Your visitors need to know how to reach you. Don’t think we’re returning to the ‘old ways.’ The best leads often come from phone calls!

It signifies that you have established trust with your visitors. They’re ready to talk to you and nurture the connection personally. It may even mean they’re prepared to place an order or avail of your service!
Make sure the phone number is up-to-date and reachable.

  • Address

Your visitors need to know where you station. This proves your business is reachable and available, meaning you’re not a scam!

Conversions are likely to happen through in-person interaction and visitation. Your site visitors may be interested in visiting your establishment to inquire about all the necessary details.

The address must include the street, city, state, and ZIP code. Also, don’t forget to add the floor number if you’re at a commercial building.

  • Map

Aside from the address, you will also need to show a map. Some people might be unfamiliar with the street name. But they might be able to navigate it once they picture the nearby buildings and streets.

Maps also become helpful if you’re in the retail industry. They will know where to find your shop if they decide to buy something from you.

  • Contact Form

Contact forms serve the convenient purpose of collecting information. This form contains a set of questions that your visitors need to fill out. Then, these details get automatically sent to your company email.

Include only the essential details you need. It includes Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. Most importantly, add a field where the customer can input their question and the subject of their inquiry.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s normal for a company to have the same questions over and over. You can solve this with a knowledge base.

The knowledgebase is a self-service help center. It’s a public library where you store information about your services, offers, and even commonly encountered issues.

Having a knowledge base entitles you to faster delivery of service. Your customers can find answers without needing to contact your support. You give them 24/7 self-service without any communication barriers.

  • Social Media Details

You must include social media handles to keep in touch with your visitors and customers. They will not have all the time to visit your website for your new offers and updates.

If your visitors are already interested in you, keep them connected! Tell them you’re available no matter what social media app they use.

Final Point

Your Contact Page plays a huge role in converting leads- even without you knowing!

Contact Pages often get a blind eye when structuring a website—not because it’s the final stage where visitors decide to build a connection with your company.

Creating contact pages requires the same attention and creativity you dedicated to your homepage. Having a visually appealing design is not enough. It should contain all the information a visitor needs. So that, in the end, visitors don’t end up visiting your competitor.

If you’re having difficulty improving your contact page, feel free to book a free discovery call with us. We’re willing to extend our help whenever it is needed.

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