Even More Fitness | Fitness Coaching, Nutrition Therapy & Online Training

Even More Fitness is committed to developing their clients’ physical and mental selves. With 10 years of experience in nutrition, bodybuilding, functional fitness, Olympic and powerlifting, and mobility, the owner, Nicole Wise, has the tools to help anyone reach  their ultimate personal success and  become even more!

Nicole approached us with no website or brand identity. We were able to work with her in creating everything from her initial brand identity all the way to her website and creating her logo.

We did her entire brand identity, including branding guide, fonts,  and aesthetics. And then  we carried all of those design elements throughout her website.

The logo is an E and M in the form of a Hexagon, which we’ve chosen because it’s the strongest naturally occurring shape in nature. So we came up with a unique logo that could be iconic and completely represents being strong and fit.

Having her own brand identity and website, Even More Fitness is in a better position to help more individuals struggling to become even more!




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