Irving Schools Foundation

The Irving Schools Foundation is committed to providing financial resources to maximize educational opportunities for teachers and students in Irving ISD. They accomplish this by funding innovative programs, scholarships, and activities that enhance creativity, leadership, and academic success.

Irving Schools Foundation came to us with an outdated website and not a clear user journey. Their website was overwhelming with a ton of options and people didn’t know how to use it.

The first thing we did was we completely modernized their website. We brought it all the way to a fresh new clean look with a user-friendly layout and functionality. We wanted the design to reflect their impact working with school-age children and community impact. We really focused on how the end user can receive help.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of their end user – as a student, as a teacher and as a parent – we were able to determine clear and consistent calls to action that we’ve added throughout their website. 

We also added a translation ability so the whole website can be translated into Spanish and a accessibility feature making it easier for people with disability to navigate through their website. 

The Irving Schools Foundation website is a clean and modern integrated website. We converted their previously overwhelming website to something clean and simple, simplifying their user journey. 



User Journey Strategy

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