Kral Bros. | Auto Body Shop

A Local Family-Run Auto Body Repair Shop Specializing in Hail, Collisions and Customs.

One of the biggest challenges we wanted to overcome with the website redesign, was the disconnect from the physical store and their website. Their online presence was cold and sterile compared to their warm and inviting location. We set about extending the look and feel of their shop to their website, and streamlined the user journey at the same time. There needed to be a clean CTA that was obvious and simple for each and every website visitor. That meant being able to choose between Hail Repair, Collision Repair, Paintless Dent Repair and even custom upgrades.

Since building the site, Kral Bros. has achieved the unique positioning in their space. They stand out amongst a sea of generic corporate shops and fly-by-night startups. They have the credibility and reputation that establishes them as a credible authority and trustworthy brand. As a local shop in Lewisville, TX it is crucial for them to be known locally and in the surrounding cities. 




Kral Bros Mockup

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