Le Klein AFTER

L.E. Klein | Helping You Transform Houses Into Homes

Le Klein is a business to business company. They serve vendors and help their clients transform houses into homes. This website build is a before and after project. We took them from a 1990 website to the modern age. We brought them a fresh design with elegance and modernism, bringing them into the latest edition and showcasing their products.

We showed off the breadth of what they are. We added a filter to allow people to easily browse through their different products. We worked through the website so that their vendors can easily use it, get price lists, and do updates without having to go through their old antiquated system.

We built them a visually appealing website, it’s friendly and engaging with clear call-to-action. We focused right inside their core offerings, which is fireplace and patio products.

We centered around the idea that they are serving dealers and vendors. We added a chat widget to the website to allow their team to interact with people on their website.

Before After



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