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Laugh Your Mask off | Virtual Comedy Tour

Comedian Michael Jr. needed a way to connect with his audience and sell a virtual comedy tour online. We built a custom-designed website branded specifically for him allowing his visitors to choose a show in the region closest to them. This allowed Michael Jr. to target specific markets and create unique regionalized experiences for his fans. 

Partnering with an online ticket resale platform called Brushfire, we created integrated popups allowing fans to choose their show and access level without leaving the page. Then they would be directed to the secure checkout form on Brushfire’s platform. This allowed Michael Jr.’s team to expand the customer service experience for his fans and serve a larger number of people. 

Utilizing clean design, the website prioritizes user experience and call-to-actions that are consistent and clear. There is also a segmented portion of the website specifically for a Canada-specific tour, allowing for more relevant communication. 



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