Tips For Effective Welcome Emails

4 Tips For Effective Welcome Emails

Welcome emails inject personality and establish the tone of a relationship. They set expectations for future content, tell subscribers what they can expect, and explain how they will benefit from their subscriptions.

Sending a welcome email adds a personal touch to your engagement with your audience. It makes your audience feel important and appreciated, which helps build trust and loyalty.

According to invesp, welcome emails are opened 4x more and clicked 5x more than regular email marketing campaigns, giving them an average open rate of 50%. This is why a lot of companies and brands believe welcome emails are more effective than standard newsletters.

Welcome emails are among the most important marketing tools a brand can use. Without them, it is harder to stay in contact with customers and provide important updates that help to boost sales. In this article, we will discuss what makes welcome emails so effective, as well as share some tips for creating one of your own.

By using these tips you’ll be well on your way to a killer welcome email of your own. We’d love to see them, so email them our way!

What makes welcome emails effective?

1. Brand introduction
A welcome email needs to be able to properly introduce the brand or the product or service. To effectively set the tone of your relationship with your audience, you need to introduce them to the brand.

There are many ways to introduce your brand. You can use the preview text or add an image of the product or the founders in the email. Like what Food52 did here:

2. Benefits and expectations
Your audience will have their own set of expectations and most often, these may not align with your brand, which leads to disappointment and frustration if you fail to meet their expectations.

To avoid this, inform your audience exactly what they can expect from you. Start with telling them when the next email will be and what information they can obtain from your future emails.

3. Lasting positive impression
Because the welcome email is the first email that your audience will receive from you, it needs to make a lasting positive impression! Make sure your audience will still remember your email – and, thus, your brand – after they closed their emails.

You can do this by using creative images and icons like what Virgin America did here. They used the “I love you” hand sign to let their audience know that they really care about their customers.

You can also use a unique call-to-action button like what has been done here:

4. Value – What’s in it for your customers?
In addition to introducing the brand and laying out their expectations, a great welcome email should also provide value to the reader. Give them something to look forward to in the next email.

Regardless of what it is – a freebie, a discount code, or tips to help get them started – it helps your audience trust you more and makes you look more credible if you give them value.

Here’s an example welcome email from Marvel where they provided helpful tips to their new subscribers:

If you haven’t started sending out welcome emails, now is the perfect time to do it! Engage more with your audience and make your brand more memorable. Use these tips to help make your welcome emails more effective! And if you have other tips, please share them in the comments. 

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  1. Thank you Jason, your suggestions resulted in me sending an extra email after someone confirmed wanting to receive our info, assuring them they are now in with us!

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