Total Diversity Clinical Trial Management

Total Diversity is a rebrand from Total CRO. We started with their logo, building from the ground up with multiple rounds of revisions, finding a blend with clean, modern and organic.

We build the website to create a fresh visual with vibrant and contrasting images that show diversity and also highlight the breadth of their experience and then the simplicity of working with them.

They are experts in enrollment inclusion and diverse patient populations so we focused on that in building the website. We avoided all of the cliche lab icons or things that would be kind of overdone in their industry. Through the website, they can differentiate themselves with their language and their results.

We added pages to showcase info about their team, their background, and their experience, highlighting how strong of a team that they have. We added animation throughout the site to focus on all of the pieces that they offer and bring to the table. We showed the different solutions they offer and made all the information easily available.

The design we put into place for this website is a custom design with animation and gravity to help set them apart from the competition with their look and bold contrast. We brought them into a modern, vibrant, and clean design.




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