Why You Should be Using Privacy Analytics & How to Get Started

Why Use Privacy Policy Analytics & How to Get Started

For many people, privacy is a big deal. We all want to control our online lives and do not want our information used or shared with others. Privacy policy can allow you to have the best of both worlds. It can provide insight into how your website performs and tell you how people use it without compromising their privacy.

It’s essential to consider the benefits of using a private analytics platform. One of them is that you can track behavior without revealing personal information. Another key benefit of private analytics is using the same platform for your mobile app.

Your privacy policy

One thing that you need to make sure that you’re website has is a policy on your users’ privacy and protection. It’s important to let your users know who has access to the personal information they leave on your website. You must also describe how and where you are using this information.

Creative Nomads has partnered with an organization called Termageddon’. They check local privacy laws, including areas where you serve and your business location. They then update your privacy policy based on these laws. It’s a tool we’ve been using for a long time and referring to all our clients.

Google Analytics

As we’ve discussed in a different blog post, Google Analytics helps you determine how people engage with and use your website. You need to track people’s information, including their IP addresses, to enable this. And because of this, you must seek consent from your website users. They must know and agree that your website uses cookies to capture and track their IP address.

Cookies are little pieces of data stored in people’s browsers as they hop from website to website. It helps track their pattern of activity online. When people reject or don’t accept the cookie consent banner, you won’t be able to track user activity. If you want to track user behavior and other analytics data without capturing personally identifiable information, consider using Anonymous analytics in addition to having a privacy policy.

Anonymous analytics is not going to capture anything from your website users. The data that you will get include:

  • The number of persons on your website.
  • What they’re looking at and the actions they take.
  • The time spent by each person and what is enjoyable.
  • Anonymous analytics will not include any personal information. All it tells you as a business is the details you want to know. These include what content is interesting, what pages are getting the most traffic, and what generates better search results.

By going to anonymous analytics, you free yourself from having to have the cookie consent born from that pop-ups. It also allows you to capture a hundred percent of your traffic without the need for people to consent to it.

With this valuable data, you can make informed decisions in running your business. So, as a responsible website owner, I strongly advise you to set a privacy policy and consider using an anonymous analytics platform.

If you need more information about anonymous analytics, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll have that conversation!

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