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8 Ways to Repurpose Content Like a Pro

When creating content, it undergoes a creative process and an ample amount of imagination and production of original ideas. But as the concept develops, conflict plays a role in the journey’s most superficial self.

Some say creativity lies in the ability to go beyond limitations. If you cannot create quality pieces within the circumstances, you might lack a sense of creativity. However, it also remains that when you place yourself inside a box, you hinder yourself from freedom and expression.

Thinking outside the box is one reason why repurposed content exists!

Your piece should not stop in its original form. Letting it rust off the internet when you can produce valuable ones can be a waste.

Repurposing content. What does it mean?

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle- we’ve heard this phrase countless times!

But in social media, these relate to what you can do to your valuable content. You’re reusing and recycling!

Repurposing content means recycling the content and giving it a new format. So you’re reusing the content, may it be the ones from the previous week or even those years-old ones. There’s no limit to how you can shuffle creativity.

Remember: Repurposing not only means you’re using your old content. Repurposing also happens when you’re about to release content using different media channels.

Advantages of Repurposing Content

Now that you know how repurposing content works, are you also wondering why we do it? Let’s discuss its advantages!

Optimizes time. When repurposing content, you save yourself from the taxing task of creating new content daily. It’s an effective strategy for boosting your brand.

Reach out to potential customers. Some dislike scrolling through Twitter threads, and some do not have time to read blogs. People want to consume various media types, but some don’t have access to them. By repurposing content, you connect with many users on different social media platforms and tailor-fit them to the forum you will use.

Brand consistency. Indeed, your website is not your only media platform. You may own pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a channel on Youtube. And now, with the enormous presence of Tiktok too. It’s not wise to post different messages on your social media channels. Users get confused and decline to consume your information. You earn consistency when you can modify your piece of content to fit the mentioned platforms. People will receive your content effectively this way.

There are many ways to repurpose content. Hence, you can repurpose them as much as you want! But of course, with the thought of making it more engaging.

8 Ways To Repurpose Content

Now, it’s high time you develop strategies to repurpose your content. So here are some ways to repurpose them!

1. Convert blog post into an ebook

Your blog post may be the most informative and helpful guide! As a lot of individuals take an interest in educational content. So, when you do this, make sure you supplement necessary and practical information. You can also use it as one of your sellable products. Make sure you elevate the standards of the imagery and graphics too!

2. Create content for a social media post

Blog post formats are not suitable for social media. With the word count limitation on Twitter, the image-focused Instagram, and the video-only Tiktok, it’s impossible to use the piece.

This is also an excellent chance to update your old blog posts with new information and recent data.

So take that long-form blog, and use it as your script, or pull a quote out and place it on an image!

3. Turn content into a video or podcast episode

A lot of people have been leaning on podcasts these days. The main takeaway is that people can choose what to listen to any time and anywhere. Podcasts will be your perfect partner for worthy discussions! Some people consume this media more effectively because, with podcasts, people can listen even when they jog, ride a train or bus, or when they want to multitask.

4. Create an infographic from an existing content

Humans are visual beings! You can turn your blog posts into a visible outline of your content. Then, you can use them on different social media channels.
Blogs can be lengthy to read and, at times, inaccessible. With infographics, you can have a captivating design and a summarized message, encouraging users to read them.

5. Send out a recap newsletter

It’s sometimes more convenient for people to read bite-sized pieces of your content. For example, you can create a short, bulleted summary of the necessary messages in your blog post after creating blog posts.

Crafting a daily email series is a good option. You can choose whether to send this daily, weekly, or monthly. Once people become interested, they’ll click on your site to seek more information.

6. Create a slide presentation

Slideshow presentations are another great way to repurpose your content. Your interesting data, actionable advice, meaningful quotes, and series of essential photos to explain are better as slide presentations.

When you or your content team plans to create one, you have an option to use sites like Canva. Canva has thousands of ready-made templates for any digital consumables. These presentations also engage more when you post them on sites like Slideshare.

7. Extract thought leadership quotes

The term “thought leadership” gained popularity in the marketing world today. It signifies your expertise and professionalism in a given marketplace. As business owners or executives, you must strive to become more knowledgeable in your niche or chosen field.

To do this, you can use quotes that connect to your recent content. A blog or page will follow through if people realize its significance. Or create content that shows you’re a thought leader. Find out the trending topics and insert yourself by providing valuable input.

8. Use testimonials to create a case study

After creating a content series, choose individuals who have benefited from your advice, content, product, or service. Then, use them to be your social proof. It will add impact and value to other people.

You can make feature articles to showcase people’s experience with you or your service. For example, let them share the story of how you have helped them or how they have worked with you. Also, you can pick impactful statements from them and make an infographic you can post on social media.

Final Point

We know making a content strategy for different social media channels can be burdensome! However, you must have a content stream to ensure your brand remains relevant to the public. Visibility matters!

Knowing all this, you may have just pulled all your hair to squeeze all the creative juices in your head. But, with the existence of content repurposing, you may have the best of both worlds!

You create more time for your business and more time for your personal life!

If you’re struggling to create (or repurpose) content on your own, reach out to us. Simply schedule a free discovery call with us!

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