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A global missions organization of U.S. Assemblies of God, dedicated to spreading the Gospel worldwide

With 370,000 partner churches and 54 million followers, AGWM’s impact is remarkable. They establish churches, offer training, and reach out to people across nations, aiming to bring Christianity to every corner of the world.

The Brief

This case study explores the transformation of Assemblies of God World Mission (AGWM), a non-profit Christian organization. AGWM faced challenges with an outdated website that was not meeting the needs of potential supporters and visitors.

To overcome these obstacles, we undertook a website refresh with a modern and user-friendly approach, carefully aligning it with their mission, goals, and values. Our solution went beyond addressing current issues, laying a strong foundation for AGWM’s future growth.


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Texas, United States

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The challenge was to create a fresh and user-friendly website that genuinely represented AGWM's values and mission, fostering meaningful connections

AGWM’s previous website fell short of engaging potential supporters and visitors due to its outdated design and limited functionality. The user experience was hindered, leading to less than desirable interactions with their audience.

As an organization dedicated to their mission, it was crucial to create an online platform that genuinely reflected their values and inspire meaningful connections.

Throughout the project, we set our sights on providing a solution that not only addressed the current issues but also laid the foundation for future growth, leveraging web technology to enhance the organization’s online presence.

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The Approach

To tackle the challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive website refresh for AGWM. Our team developed a modern and user-friendly design, meticulously aligned with their mission, goals, and values. The new website became a powerful tool to engage potential supporters and visitors, offering a seamless and impactful user experience.

We leveraged cutting-edge web technologies to ensure effective communication, efficient showcasing of their initiatives, and meaningful interactions with their audience. This solution not only addressed current issues but also laid a strong foundation for AGWM’s future growth and success in their noble mission.

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