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A family-owned service of welding jewelries with memories

The Weldery provides an experience through welding beautiful, precious and personalized pieces into a treasured chain that forever links their clients to their family and friends.

The Brief

The Weldery is a Welded Jewelry experience offering a variety of beautiful 14k yellow and white solid gold and gold filled chains permanently welded on with a tiny spark as bracelets, anklets, necklaces and rings.

We teamed up with The Weldery for the crafting of a distinctive logo, a complete branding strategy, and the design and development of an engaging website. We worked closely with them to ensure that the resulting brand identity captures the essence of craftsmanship and uniqueness. The collaborative journey unfolded over a carefully structured timeline, encompassing conceptualization, design development, website creation, and finalization. We anticipated a dynamic partnership that will not only enhance The Weldery’s brand image but also establish it as a distinguished presence in the market.


Jewelry Designer


Texas, United States
Oklahoma, United States

Services Rendered

Logo & Full Branding Design
Website Design
Website Development

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The challenge was to show elegance and nostalgia without being either overwhelming or bland

The Weldery wanted to reach to people and teach them that receiving a jewelry from a loved ones is for everyone, not just for the richest among us, and that it creates a memorable treasure – one that is greater than the jewelry itself. Some may be daunted or overwhelmed by jewelries and associate them with wealth or extravagance. Thus we need to make a design and brand that would mellow those feelings and assumptions. 

Next we had to figure out how to draw out or emphasize the more important matter – the memories of the experience or of the exchange. We had to make our brand induce nostalgia to sell the point that our client envisioned their service to deliver.

The Approach

Our approach focused first and foremost on the heart of The Weldery, understanding what it wanted to convey and to whom. This vision was at the core of the user-friendly and beautiful designs and branding we created for them. By meticulously choosing, designing, and building visual elements and functions, we developed a website that embodies the elegance of the manually welded accessories they craft, the nostalgia of the memories created through the experiences they offer, the simplicity and modernity to show that the service is neither extravagant nor exclusive to the wealthy, and the love of the passionate family that started it all. The result is a beautiful platform where users can see and feel what The Weldery has to offer and avail themselves of the services provided.

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