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Inspiring transformation through laughter and purpose

A talented comedian and thought leader known for combining storytelling with thought-provoking life principles. His performances on prestigious stages like TEDx and The Tonight Show, along with roles in movies including War Room and Selfie Dad, showcase his unique talents in both humor and inspiration.

The Brief

Michael Jr. is driven by the desire to bring laughter into people’s lives. Although comedy was once his primary focus, he now recognizes its potential as a tool to provide clarity to others. Along his personal journey, he discovered that laughter holds the ability to reshape thoughts and guide individuals towards freedom, peace, and healing. Through the art of comedy, Michael Jr. aspires to leave a profound impact, facilitating transformative change in people’s lives.

Our collaboration with Michael Jr. centered around two projects: Logo and Branding, and Website Design and Development. In the Logo and Branding phase, we delved into an exploration of Michael Jr.’s unique comedic style. This led us to create a logo that captures his essence, complemented by a comprehensive branding strategy.

As we turn our focus to the Website Design and Development, our goal was to craft a user-friendly interface that not only showcased Michael Jr.’s content but also offered a seamless and enjoyable experience for users as they navigate through the website.




Texas, United States

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The challenge was to ensure the design and strategy truly encapsulates Michael Jr.'s essence

Michael Jr.’s previous logo and branding strategy did not effectively represent his unique blend of comedy and thought leadership.

Additionally, his website lacked a user-friendly design and functionality, making it difficult for fans to access his content and engage with his performances. Recognizing these challenges, we realized the need to revamp Michael Jr.’s logo, branding, and website to better align with his persona and provide an enjoyable user experience for his audience.

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The Approach

Our approach to the challenges faced by Michael Jr.’s brand identity and online presence involved revamping his logo, branding, and website design. By creating a new logo that effectively captured his comedic style and thought leadership, his brand image became more cohesive. The implementation of a user-friendly website design with improved functionality allowed for easier access to his performances and insights, enhancing the overall user experience.

The success metrics for this solution included monitoring website traffic, measuring user engagement metrics, assessing brand recognition and awareness, and collecting feedback and testimonials from users. The specific metrics were determined based on the goals and objectives set for the project.

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