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Think Differently Academy is a beacon of hope, drawing on over 30 years of experience to offer transformative guidance.  personal growth. 

The Brief

Think Differently Academy is a beacon of hope, drawing on over 30 years of experience to offer transformative guidance. Rooted in a blend of psychological wisdom and biblical teachings, the academy empowers individuals to break free from limitations, embrace their unique identities, and embark on a journey of personal growth. Through a fusion of psychology and faith, Think Differently Academy guides seekers towards rediscovering their brilliance and living a life of purpose.

We teamed up with Think Differently Academy to take on the Branding, and Website Design and Development. Our goal was to craft an identity that was all things “Think Differently” and build a digital space that truly stood out. Armed with research and collaboration, we pieced together a visual identity and website design that reflect their mission and values.


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Texas, United States

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The challenge was to show what “Thinking” Differently” really means and craft a stunning website that stands out

Think Differently Academy’s previous website had grown outdated over time, lacking modern features and having inconsistencies with their brand identity. It struggled to convey a comprehensive understanding of what Think Differently Academy stood for and the range of services they provided. This created hurdles for individuals seeking to explore their offerings and understand how they could benefit from the academy’s offerings.

As a result, the website’s limitations posed challenges for those interested in discovering more about Think Differently Academy and how it could positively impact their personal growth and development journey.

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The Approach

Our journey started with careful research and working closely together, getting a clear picture of what the academy stood for and where it wanted to go. With this understanding, we set out to create a fresh and memorable look. This included making a cool logo, picking colors that go well together, and choosing fonts that match their style.

At the same time, we put our focus on making the website easy to use. We made sure people could move around the website without any trouble and find what they were looking for. We also added interesting stuff to read and look at that showed what Think Differently Academy does and how it can help. By mixing pictures and words, we turned the website into a welcoming place where people could learn and grow. Our approach was all about matching Think Differently Academy’s ideas and making their website a great spot for anyone wanting to improve themselves.

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